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Eventually, virtually all factory equipment will lose the protective coating it had when it was first manufactured, and when those protective layers begin to erode, it becomes very possible for underlying structural components and paint layers to be degraded. To avoid having this happen to your valuable machine assets, you should have a fresh coating applied to your heavy machinery, to extend its useful life and to keep it protected against the natural wear and tear it is subject to.

As your equipment gets put to work, its factory-protective coat can wear thin. As protective layers degrade and erode, underlying paint jobs and structural components can become compromised. Before it gets to this point, contact the professional industrial painters at Hydro Tech for industrial painting services in Vancouver, BC.

Whenever such a project is undertaken, it should be done using all the proper steps in the right sequence, so that the final result is that your expensive machinery receives full protection of the industrial coating which has been applied. The first step in this kind of cleaning is to use a high-pressure steam cleaning process to work out all debris and other pollutants which may have accumulated on the surface.

Next, it may be necessary to use a sand-blasting process or a wet abrasive blasting process to clear away any unwanted growth or pitting and rutting which may have occurred. It might even be necessary to use power tools or pneumatic cleaning to get out really stubborn problems on the surface of your machinery.

After that, a good covering can be applied so as to provide full protection for the machinery against impacts, weather conditions, and any other kind of natural wear and tear it might normally be exposed to. Lastly, a sealer must be applied so as to ensure that the cover remains in place and that there is a good bond between the surface of your machinery and the protective coating.

The great thing about mobile industrial coatings is that they can be carried out right at your location, with all the tools and mixtures which will be needed during the process. At Hydro Tech, we have mobile teams that can be dispatched to your location with all the necessary machinery to effectively protect your valuable assets with powerful coatings.

For really large pieces of equipment, we have aerial lifts, which give us the kind of flexibility to reach even the tallest areas. We can also bring swing stages and elevated work scaffolds to your location, so that we have access to any kind of machinery or structure which you need professionally coated.

Our team has experience in assisting customers with a wide range of industry-specific covering processes, including coating, painting, and sealer projects. We work quickly and thoroughly to clean and coat your machinery, to restore its resilience and durability. The result is equipment that will continue to last and perform at a high level.

Industrial Coatings

Industrial coats are basically a type of paint that is applied to various surfaces such as steel or concrete for the purpose of protecting them against weather elements, impacts, chemical spills, and other agents that might harm them. There are a number of different types of coats, but for the most part, they all have to be applied in a three-step process which includes priming the surface, applying the layer, and then sealing the whole surface with a covering.

Strictly speaking, the most common usage for coatings is to protect stainless steel or concrete from undergoing a corrosive process which would cause damage to the surface. Another common use of industrialized coatings is to make a particular surface resistant to flames since fires can often occur in facilities such as manufacturing environments.

Sometimes coatings are also applied for aesthetic reasons, since it’s very possible to add in all kinds of special additives which impart a very appealing look to the layer being applied. In other cases, a covering might be applied to a surface like a manufacturing floor so as to reduce the likelihood of slips and falls, so the coat can actually serve as a safety feature.

There are three main types of industrialized coats, with those being metallic, organic, and inorganic. Among the metallic types of coats, there are electroplating, diffusion coating, anodizing, and hot-dip galvanizing. Some kinds of organic industrial coatings include varnishes and many different types of basic paint, while inorganic coatings might be made of porcelain and other materials.
The particular type of coat that you use at your facility will largely depend on what you’re trying to achieve with the covering. If you’re not sure which is best for your needs, you’ll be much better off to consult with a professional industrial painter who has a great deal of knowledge and experience in the application of coats.

The Right Approach

As a full-service industrialized painter in Vancouver, BC, we tackle coating projects in their entirety. This means taking the proper steps in preparing the surface for painting, with methods such as high-pressure steam cleaning, wet abrasive blasting, sandblasting, and power tool or pneumatic cleaning.

We come ready to work—without exception. Our industrial painting teams work around your job site schedules so we’re not interfering with your deadlines or processes. Plus, we come equipped to tackle any unique needs that might arise during a coat job. Our equipment includes aerial lifts, which gives us flexibility in reaching higher areas, as well as swing stages and elevated work scaffolds.

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Fouling Prevention

The prevention of fouling can be difficult to accomplish, first of all because the fouling often takes place in a marine environment where it’s difficult to control all the variables. However, there are some fairly effective steps which can be taken to discourage marine organisms from attaching themselves to the surfaces of your valuable assets which are submerged below water.

At present, the more popular types of anti-fouling agents are biocides which consist of synthetic chemical compounds. One of the most popular of these types of agents is known as tributyltin, or TBT, although usage of this biocide is now beginning to decline because it is known to cause harm to the marine food chain as well as to the harmful microorganisms which attach to underwater surfaces.

Nowadays, a good deal of research is being invested into finding natural coats which can be obtained from sea urchins, corals, algae, and sponges. Some of these creatures can produce toxins, anesthetics, and even attachment-inhibiting molecules which discourage microorganisms from becoming attached to surfaces.

There are known to be several thousand secondary metabolites in existence which can provide natural defense against fouling, and that has caused a flurry of intense research. If scientists are able to produce natural biocides which can be used to discourage the growth and attachment of marine organisms, while also having a much lower impact on the marine food chain, this would seem to be the ideal solution.
All these natural biocides can be divided into two categories, terpenes and non-terpenes. The non-terpenes are created naturally by a number of plants and can be very effective as biocides when combined with zinc and copper salts. One of these natural biocides known as bufalin is known to be 100 times more effective than TBT as an anti-fouling agent.

However, at present it is a very expensive option to use, so a number of less expensive solutions are receiving more attention from scientists. The terpene category of natural biocides largely consists of electronegative oxygen functional groups, and these are used in a good number of antifouling products as well.

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Whether we’re cleaning and painting critical oil rig machinery or restoring the functionality and efficacy of your construction machinery, trust our team to get the job done right. Through covering, we ensure you’re getting the maximum return out of your investment in quality products and equipment.

More than likely, you have invested considerable resources in your heavy machinery or some of the structures which are needed to operate your business. To protect your valuable assets, coatings can be applied which will extend their working life, and will add strength and durability to their surfaces. Contact us at Hydro Tech so that we can send one of our mobile units to your location and apply a coat which is ideal for protecting your assets against whatever kind of harmful agents they may be exposed to. We paint and coat warehouses, manufacturing and energy plants, chemical storage, refineries, marine terminals, smokestacks, silos, industrial walls, and much more.

Contact our team today by calling 778-928-6768 to learn more about our coating capabilities or to inquire about how we can assist you in maintaining your specific equipment.