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Marine painting and coating are vital for the longevity of marine equipment in Vancouver, BC. Hydro Tech can help you prepare your industrial marine equipment for whatever needs you may have. Industrial marine painting helps all sorts of marine going vessels to fight off the corrosive effects of the ocean. Bright colors and logos painted using industrial marine paint on ships stand out for all to see and need to be coated to ensure they don’t dull or degrade in the sunlight and harsh weather most ships encounter.

Industrial marine painting helps protect ship hulls, decks, and any other surface areas from the corrosiveness of the water. Paints are also able to improve a ships’ energy efficacy, lower fuel costs, and can even help speed up drying time at the drydock.

Keeping up on the paints and coatings on your industrial equipment will help protect you from humidity, salty sea air, acid rain, and so many other pollutants and corrosives. These paints and coatings will break down as they face the elements day after day. At Hydro Tech, we are experienced professionals and will repaint and reseal everything you need to keep safe from the elements. Let us find the best paint and industrial coating options for your needs. Call and set up a time to go over your requirements with us today.

Industrial Marine Coating

Industrial Marine Coatings

Fouling is a real issue with maritime surfaces. Marine organisms are attaching to the hull and slowing the ship, causing drag and friction. Ultimately, causing excessive wear to the surfaces of the ship end up costing businesses significant money to repair each year. Preventing fouling is a difficult job, and some of the most popular agents that have been used are known to be harmful to the food chain.

Coating marine equipment has several purposes, including extending the service life of the equipment and creating a barrier against premature corrosion and rust. Unplanned downtime can be avoided by adding coating and reducing the chance of corrosive breakdowns.

There are specialized coats that are being researched are being made from sea urchins, sponges, algae, and different corals. The idea is that these organisms can provide different advantages like using toxins they produce, different microorganisms that discourage things from attaching to surfaces, and more.

Why These Services are Important

Painting and coating industrial marine components are critical to avoid fouling, rusting, corrosion, and lost time due to repairs. Maintenance needs to include working with a marine painting and coating contractor who can provide the full range of paints and coatings needed to keep the marine equipment operating in top condition. Decks of ships need to be kept up to provide extended structural corrosion deterrents while also offering a better-looking aesthetic.

Oil derricks and other oceanic structures need to have a coating applied that has an incredibly long practical life and can handle the rigors of the sea. Harsh environments take their toll on metals and other surfaces. The proper paints and coatings can alleviate a good portion of the wear these components face.

Proper maintenance routines with paint and coatings can have unintended bonuses, such as being able to save money on repairs, avoiding having to completely replace equipment that has corroded, and avoiding shelling out for more replacement parts and gear because your equipment is still working properly.

Good business means that you are consistently growing. This includes needing to upgrade equipment as needed, which provides the opportunity to sell the old equipment. Properly painted and maintained equipment is going to fetch a better price on the market than other pieces that have seen better days.

The professional team at Hydro Tech is here to help you find the right coating and paint options for your needs. We have years of marine experience working on all sorts of marine equipment, from shipping to the oil industry. We are painting contractors that have the expertise and the desire to keep your business afloat. Contact us today if you’re in Vancouver, BC, and we can get to work as soon as possible for your industrial marine coating, warehouse, or manufacturing plant painting job.