Industrial power washingWe build safety right in to all our processes, so it’s actually part of every procedure we do, rather than an afterthought or an add-on process. We think this is not only the best way, but in fact the only way to conduct business when there are everyday risks associated with the performance of your duties. Our conscientious approach to safety is one of the main reasons that we have been certified by ISNetworld as a top-tier safe company in our industry.
Of course, along with our constant commitment to safety, we also deliver the best high-pressure steam cleaning service in all of western Canada so we are also very skilled at what we do. But while we’re delivering all those great services, we keep a constant eye on all aspects of protection, both for the client’s assets and for our own employees. From our standpoint, there’s really only one way to conduct our business, the safe way.

Subsea Pile Cleaning Safety

When the equipment that is used for cleaning is kept under high pressure, it can immediately become a hazard to those operating the machinery, and that calls for extra attention at all times, so these hazard risks don’t become a reality. All of our specialists are well-trained on the hazards associated with high-pressure water jets, and they have also been instructed about how to protect themselves from those hazards.

Carrying out common protection procedures will always reduce the risk of any kind of disaster happening, especially at unexpected times when you might be distracted. Water which is pressurized up to 4,000 psi can become major hazard that can cause significant injuries, especially when that force comes into contact with a person’s eyes or with any exposed skin.
There is also a potential for extreme injury if someone is hit by flying debris which results from high-pressure water spray, or from a leaky hose or nozzle where a strong water stream can escape. This makes it very important for any operator of high-pressure water cleaning machinery to be appropriately dressed, with coveralls and proper equipment.
Anything which can provide a barrier between the operator and the high-pressure water stream or flying debris, can be a potential life-saver, and should be adopted by the operator. Anyone operating this kind of machinery should also be wearing goggles to protect the eyes from a high-pressure water stream. The eyes are more vulnerable to injury than most other exposed skin surfaces, so they call for extra attention.

Any water pressure stream reaching at least 2,000 psi requires the operator to wear a full face shield, because the danger to a person’s eyes can be extremely significant and might cause vision damage for a long time. Waterproof gloves should also be worn to protect the hands, and rubber boots are also highly recommended to fully cover the body of the operator. In areas where it’s possible to encounter falling objects, hardhats are also strongly recommended, so that workers do not sustain head injuries from potential falling objects.

Industrial Power Washing Safety

In order to remove really stubborn deposits, it is generally necessary to heat the water, sometimes up to 300°F, and to pressurize it so that it has sufficient force to accomplish the cleaning task. Anyone who is operating the machinery to perform the cleaning must be well aware at all times of the potential for injury by the high-pressure sprayers.
That means they need to be properly trained and must wear all the personal protective gear necessary to safeguard themselves from injury. In addition to wearing all the protective clothing indicated by the job, anyone involved with this kind of cleaning needs to be constantly alert, and ready to quickly react to any hazards which might develop.

Commercial Power Washing Safety

Commercial Powerwash Safety width=Commercial power washing is very important for businesses, because it keeps their exterior looking clean and inviting to potential customers. Any storefront or commercial building which becomes dirty will probably be losing customers without even realizing it, because the potential customers subconsciously pass it by, in favor of a more welcoming building.

The kinds of structures which are generally addressed in commercial washing include storefronts, restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, underground parking lots, railings and stairs, loading docks, facades, sidewalks, and objects which have had graffiti posted on them. As with any kind of operation requiring a high-pressure water stream, commercial power washing can be a very dangerous process to be engaged in.

When water is pressurized in this way, it can truly become a deadly force, and if it touches someone’s skin, it can rip the skin from their body, while their eyes can actually be torn from their sockets by a highly pressurized water stream like this. That makes it very important to follow all appropriate measures associated with the cleaning process, and for the operator to be appropriately dressed with all necessary protective gear.

The person operating the equipment should have no exposed skin, and should be constantly aware of the possibility that some kind of accident can occur. When you expect the worst to happen, you’re much more capable of handling any crisis which does pop up, and you won’t be surprised or incapacitated by it.

Industrial Coatings Safety

Industrial coatings are essential for protecting valuable factory machinery and for extending its life. However, even the best coated equipment will eventually have its outer protective layer wear thin from usage. Normal degradation and erosion will eat away at any surfaces beneath the protective coating, and quickly begin to compromise those surfaces.

Rather than pay for an expensive repair job, or replace the valuable equipment altogether, it is much more affordable to contract an extremely reputable and reliable company like Hydro Tech of Vancouver, BC to apply a powerful new coating to your business assets. Our experienced technicians can also take on sealing projects as well as coating and painting kinds of applications.
When we’re done, you can expect that your equipment will have renewed durability, and that its operational life will be considerably extended. In order to apply coatings this way, we take a step-by-step approach which calls for preparing the surface before it is coated or painted. This generally calls for high-pressure steam cleaning, or some other kind of cleaning process. When high-pressure steam cleaning is used, our operator will use all his training to ensure that he and everyone in the immediate area is well clear of the target being cleaned, before the operation begins.

Understanding the hazards of high-pressure cleaning, our technician will also be well equipped with all necessary protective gear so that no accidents are likely to occur. We make a point of adopting the same preventative measures on every single job we undertake, whether it’s related to silos and tanks, ski lifts, warehouses, airports, churches, industrial mechanisms, or oil rigs.
All industrial coatings that we use provide the highest possible level of protection for your valuable equipment or assets, and they are always applied with a ‘safety first’ attitude by our professional specialists. When you want a high-quality protective coating applied to any business assets you have, in the safest possible manner, you should contact us first at Hydro Tech.

Safety Above All

There might be a few other companies in Canada that can deliver adequate power washing services, but we don’t think there are any which can match the kind of high-quality service provided by Hydro Tech of Vancouver, BC. When you couple that with our unblemished record and our constant commitment to safe practices on the job, there’s no other company that can match. Contact us today about any kind of power washing services you might need, and let us clean your equipment, your building, your subsea caisson piles, or any other assets that require our expert professional services.