More Than Just a Commercial Power Washing Service

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It’s important for you to keep all of your exterior surfaces clean and looking great so you can make a professional and welcoming first impression on anyone who visits your business. After all, the better it looks, the more likely people are to feel as though it’s worth their time to stop in and spend time at your company. This is true whether you’re a retail space, restaurant, hospitality business or industrial facility.

Hydro Tech Power Washing has been serving the area with our commercial power washing services in Vancouver, BC for years, and are capable of cleaning buildings of any type or size. We don’t just want to get the dirt off—we want to completely rejuvenate your façades and provide you with a degree of cleanliness you haven’t seen on your building in years. We accomplish this through outstanding attention to detail, with extremely thorough work and the use of high-quality washing technology on every one of the jobs we take on.

We also pride ourselves on being extremely environmentally conscious with all of the work we take on. We specifically have chosen eco-friendly cleaners and biodegradable degreasers to use on all of our projects, which helps us to minimize the damage done to the environment during the process of power washing.

What do we clean?

Our company has worked with clients that span a wide variety of industries and business types. For example, some of our ongoing clients include hotels, shopping malls, high-rise offices, parking lots, outlet shops and more. But businesses of all types with any kind of façade material can benefit from the use of our power washing services.

We don’t just remove dust and debris during the process—we’ll even clean off graffiti, paint and engrained stains, and can handle cleaning processes for surfaces that might require a greater level of attention than, say, concrete would need.

This goes beyond the façades of buildings. We also clean sidewalks, signage, underground parking facilities, stairs, railings, restaurant grease traps, loading areas, driveways, patios and more. We also take care of sterilizing certain areas where garbage is stored or where there has been a previous significant presence of bacteria.

All of these services are available at your convenience. You can either work with us on an ongoing basis and schedule a couple cleanings a year, or you can simply give us a call when you think your property is in need of a bit of a refresher and have our team come out and get the job done for you.

No matter what the extent of your needs may be, it’s important that you not let the maintenance of your exterior surfaces go by the wayside. For more information about the various types of cleaning services a commercial power washing company in Vancouver, BC can offer and the kinds of clients we’re able to work with, we encourage you to contact Hydro Tech Power Washing. We’d love to answer any questions or address any concerns you have for our team!

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