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Pressure Washing’s Role in Garbage Truck Maintenance

October 26, 2021 Published by Leave your thoughts

Ever wonder how garbage trucks are washed? Below we’ve provided plenty of information on the garage truck washing process, as well as some helpful pressure washing tips for waste management industry professionals. Washing a garbage truck Garbage trucks are essential parts of society. They keep waste from piling up on the sides of the street and within our homes. Since these vehicles carry so much waste, it’s important they get thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis. The most common method for cleaning garbage trucks these days is pressure washing. Garbage trucks feature an awkward shape, making them difficult to clean... View Article

Fleet Washing: Why It’s Worth the Investment

October 21, 2021 Published by Leave your thoughts

Owning and operating a fleet is a big responsibility. There are many moving parts (literally), and a lot to maintain. As fleet owners work to keep everything running smoothly and reliably, one thing should not be overlooked: washing fleet vehicles. When operations are busy and there is little time for maintenance, it might be tempting to skip this step. But washing work trucks is crucial for proper maintenance and ongoing business success. Here’s why. It improves safety Consider how much grease, asphalt, oil, mud and other debris each vehicle in your fleet encounters during just one day on the road.... View Article

Pressure Washing for 18-Wheelers: Pros and Cons

October 7, 2021 Published by Leave your thoughts

Cleaning an 80,000-pound piece of machinery is a big job. You need a method that works well and won’t take up too much time or break the bank. Because of this, industrial-grade washers are typically the go-to solution for washing semi-trucks. Pressure washing 18-wheelers is a popular option, but is it the best choice for you? This method of washing semi-trucks has its advantages and drawbacks. Use the following information to determine if pressure washing 18-wheelers is the best option for your time and equipment needs. Pros of pressure washing 18-wheelers There are three main advantages of pressure washing 18-wheelers.... View Article

The Importance of Pressure Washing Your Fleet

August 31, 2020 Published by Leave your thoughts

Pressure washing your fleet in Vancouver, BC is part of putting your best foot forward as a company. Yes, big rigs, trucks, trailers and buses are prone to getting grimy on the road, but a regular washing schedule can make a big difference in how your customers and clients perceive your company. No one wants to travel on a dirty bus or have a filthy trailer pull up in front of their business, so hiring a mobile pressure washing company can go a long way toward making a great first impression. Why pressure wash your fleet? You could purchase a... View Article

Equipment and Truck Pressure Washing Services

October 9, 2017 Published by Leave your thoughts

It’s no secret that industrial and commercial equipment and machinery goes through a lot on a daily basis. Whether it’s a front loader moving dirt all day or a fleet of semi-trucks crossing the country and braving the elements, dirt, grime and debris are simply a part of the job. While some mess is to be expected, you don’t want to leave your equipment and machinery in that state for long. In addition to the grimy look that dirty equipment has, it can also start to wear down more rapidly than usual. At Hydro Tech Power Washing, we understand how... View Article