The Importance of Pressure Washing Your Fleet

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Pressure washing your fleet in Vancouver, BC is part of putting your best foot forward as a company. Yes, big rigs, trucks, trailers and buses are prone to getting grimy on the road, but a regular washing schedule can make a big difference in how your customers and clients perceive your company. No one wants to travel on a dirty bus or have a filthy trailer pull up in front of their business, so hiring a mobile pressure washing company can go a long way toward making a great first impression.

Why pressure wash your fleet?

You could purchase a pressure washer of your own, but then you’ll need to either delegate the duty to one of your already-busy employees, or do it yourself. We recommend hiring a pressure washing company to wash your fleet—not only will you save on equipment, but you’ll also save time and money on doing it in house. Here’s why hiring a company like Hydro Tech can make your fleet look better than ever:

  • Better advertising: If your company’s logo is covered up by dirt and grime from the road, why did you bother customizing it in the first place? Having a clearly visible logo is important no matter what industry you’re in—they help alert potential customers to your existence and remind regular clients that you exist. What’s more, when you want to make a good impression, it should be with a clean fleet. Even if you don’t think it matters, a dirty fleet bearing your logo can convey a sense of indifference.
  • Faster and easier than regular washing: One of pressure washing’s main draws is that the pressurized water and cleaning agent can get the job done far more efficiently than physically scrubbing and rinsing with a hose. Your fleet can be cleaned in less than half the time.
  • Operate on a regular schedule: When you work with a fleet pressure washing company in Vancouver, BC, you can take even more off your plate by scheduling regular cleanings. Instead of carving out time to clean the fleet yourself, you can simply schedule regular cleanings on a weekly, monthly or other basis.
  • Environmentally-friendly cleaning: Given the increased focus on preserving our natural resources, many of our clients are happy to hear that pressure washing has much less of an environmental impact than other methods of cleaning. It uses far less water than spraying with a hose, and the pressure removes dirt and grit easily.
  • Saves you time and money: Finally, hiring a company saves you time and money that you could devote to more pressing tasks. Instead of paying your employees to wash the fleet, hire a company that can do it faster and provides their own equipment.

Keeping your fleet clean and sparkling is part of your job as an owner. Make that task easier when you hire a mobile fleet washing company in Vancouver, BC to get the job done right. Call the team at Hydro Tech to schedule an appointment today.

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