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Power Washing Vs Pressure Washing

March 27, 2023 Published by Leave your thoughts

Power Washing Vs Pressure Washing Power washing and pressure washing are two common ways to clean a wide variety of hard surfaces. However, it’s important to know the differences between these two types of cleaning services before you choose one over the other. And while both methods are effective, power washing is a better option for commercial and industrial businesses because it doesn’t damage the building’s exteriors. In addition, it can help keep your property’s value intact. What Is Power Washing? When it comes to tackling your home’s exterior cleaning needs, power washing is one of the most effective and... View Article

Types of Businesses That Benefit From Power Washing

January 23, 2023 Published by Leave your thoughts

Power washing, often referred to as pressure washing, is an electrically powered system of high-pressured water meant to make outdoor cleaning easier. The equipment can rid outside surfaces of deep-seated grime, contaminants, dirt, pollutants, algae, and other substances. The terms “power” and “pressure” washing are often used interchangeably. While they appear to be comparable, there are distinct differences, though small. Primarily, power washing is a heated cleaning method, while pressure washing is not. Heated water is a better solution for instances of mildew, grime, grease, or if there is salt on the surface. While various industrial types of businesses benefit... View Article

How Do Pressure Washers Work?

August 2, 2022 Published by Leave your thoughts

The pressure washer completely revolutionized home maintenance and cleaning. This simple machine can take the daunting task of cleaning siding, porches, or concrete and turn it into a fairly enjoyable, quick, and easy job. If you have ever wondered just how a pressure washer works, this quick guide will fill you in. The Parts First, let’s look at the parts of the pressure washer. Water inlet – This is basically a hose that is also a connector between the pressure washer and the water supply. There is a filter included that will prevent dirt and debris from going into the washer... View Article

Commercial Power Washing And You

May 20, 2022 Published by Leave your thoughts

When your home or business premises require a spotless fascia, commercial power washing becomes the appropriate option. This is because it eliminates all stubborn dirt, grime, and stains from all the necessary places. What is commercial power washing? Power washing involves spraying water under high pressure to get rid of undesirable elements from masonry, fences and concrete surfaces. Hot water is used in commercial washing for removing tough stains. Power washing is a high-pressure cleaning technique that uses water at over 250 degrees. A discharge of heated water is at a rate of five gallons every minute and 3,000 psi of pressure... View Article

Differences Between Power and Pressure Washing

July 28, 2020 Published by Leave your thoughts

Many property owners use power washers or pressure washers to remove dirt, grime and debris from exterior surfaces. While pressure washing and power washing in Vancouver, BC are often thought of as interchangeable, there are some key differences between these two methods. Keep reading to learn more about what makes pressure washing different from power washing and how to decide which option is right for your property. Power washing vs. pressure washing in Vancouver, BC Both pressure washing and power washing use pressurized water to clean hard surfaces. The exact pressure of the water can vary, but the point of... View Article