Industrial Smoke Stack Coating in Vancouver, BC

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Industrial smokestacks take a beating. They operate almost continuously with smoke and byproducts flowing through them. Incinerator stacks, industrial chimneys, and flare stacks are exposed to high winds, weather, and the elements that we experience in Vancouver, BC.

As your industrial smokestacks age, their protective coatings deteriorate. As these layers erode, the underlying structure can start degrading. Before these high-heat stacks become too compromised, get in touch with Hydro Tech to take care of your industrial painting.

Proper maintenance of your flare stacks and other industrial chimneys includes painting to help prevent deterioration. Industrial smokestack painting and coating take an experienced, highly skilled team that can handle the height and complexity of the job. Downtime isn’t much of an option, so working with a team that is quick, cost-effective, and thorough is essential. Hydro Tech has the experience needed to get the job done fast and efficiently.

Industrial Smokestack Coatings

Concrete and metal erode from the weather over time. Smoke from the chimneys also takes its toll. That erosion eventually causes the coating on your flare stacks, high-heat stacks, and other industrial chimneys to stop protecting the underlying surface.

When the time comes to recoat, it should be completed using all the best techniques and with the top products. As a painting and coating specialist, Hydro Tech is here to provide that level of excellence. Our team will go through the preparation steps from industrial pressure cleaning to blasting to ensure there aren’t any underlying issues like pitting in the metal or decay in the concrete.

After the cleaning is done, we apply a coating that will protect the smokestack from any elements it is exposed to. We apply the coating and a sealant to make sure the coating bonds solidly.

As a mobile industrial cleaning, painting, and coating provider, we can come to you with all the necessary equipment to clean, paint, and seal your equipment. Hydro Tech carries aerial lifts, swing stages, and elevated scaffolding so we can easily access any structure or height requirements you have.

Why These Services are Important

Maintaining, coating, and repainting your industrial smokestack offers several benefits. It saves money in the long run. Corrosion can cause your stacks to fail, resulting in economic and environmental damage. Water can infiltrate the structure if it isn’t properly sealed, leading to possible rebar corrosion and other issues.

  • Coatings and paint for your smokestacks also help with:
  • Preventing corrosion and deteriorations from flue gases
  • Prevent water penetration into the surface causing rust
  • Create better visibility for aircraft
  • Keep your business looking professional and not like an eyesore.

Our team will wash, blast, and prep the surface of your chimney. If needed, we fill in and fix the surface before priming and coating with the highest-quality industrial coating products. We ensure the substrate beneath the paint is well sealed.

Working with an experienced painting and coating specialist will save you time and hassle. At Hydro Tech of Vancouver, BC., we are your go-to paint crew. Contact us and set up a time to discuss how we can work together. Your industrial smokestacks can be looking as good as new in no time. We want to ensure your complete satisfaction with our work because we want to have repeat customers for years to come.