Everything You Need to Know About Industrial Coatings

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There really is a lot to know about industrial coatings, simply because there are so many of them, and because they provide so many different types of protection for surfaces. Generally speaking however, the whole point of applying industrial coats is to protect the surface which it’s applied to, and to impart longer life to that surface and everything on the interior, because the negative impacts of weathering and other influences can be minimized or completely eliminated.

What is an Industrial Coating?

An industrialized coating is a special kind of paint which is applied to a number of different surfaces such as concrete or steel, so as to create a protective shield on those surfaces which will safeguard all contents on the interior. It has tremendous properties to resist control corrosion, while at the same time providing aesthetic appeal which can enhance the entire structure.

Generally when an industrial covering is applied, it consists of a three-step process which includes the application of a primer, the coating itself, and then a sealant to bind it all to the surface and create a highly protective finish. In addition to protecting the interior of any structure which receives the industrialized covering, it also makes them more durable and stronger, and contributes to a much longer lifespan than they would ordinarily have had.

There are also a number of different types of industrialized coats that can be utilized, and the one you choose will depend on the purpose for itsf application. The two main categories of industrial coatings are organic and inorganic coatings. Among the organics, you will find such products as alkyd coverings which are normally applied to prepared substrates at different kinds of industrial environments.

Epoxy coats is also used for their mechanical and chemical properties, and because they provide superior protection against moisture, corrosion, abrasion, and normal wear and tear. Polyurethane coats are often used as protection against weathering, corrosion, abrasion, and exposure to various types of chemicals.

Inorganic coatings are often used as protection against industrialized environment stressors, and there are three main types of inorganics: acrylic, intumescent, and ceramic coatings. Acrylics include more binders and additives designed to resist corrosion. Ceramics are highly durable and corrosion-resistant, and are often used as linings for tanks and pipe systems to protect against high temperatures water, and UV radiation.

Intumescent coatings are thick, foam-like layers that insulate various buildings and structures against fire, because they have such high resistance to soaring temperatures.

Everything You Need to Know About Industrial Coatings - coating

What is it Used for?

There are a number of applications where industrialized coatings can come in very handy, and can provide great service to protect against various harmful elements. Sometimes these coats are utilized on military and civil aircraft, and in these situations, they must meet certain specific requirements imposed by whatever body is making use of them.

These same kinds of coats can also be applied to cars, vans, and trailers, and the coverings are always applied as one discrete process in the overall manufacturing procedure. Sometimes coats are also utilized during accident repairs in collision shops and other auto repair centers. In some cases, these kinds of coats are used for cans which contain food or drink, and which are utilized at a very low thickness while still imparting a high characteristic of protection.

Some special coats are also applied to such objects as dashboards and grills, electronics, plastic toys, and even car bumpers, so as to protect them against the effects of weathering or other external influences. There are also a number of general applications associated with industry where it is necessary to protect steel, aluminum, iron, plastic, glass, and wood from whatever substances they may be exposed to.

This general category also includes usages such as on office furniture, nuts and bolts, transformers, construction equipment, agricultural equipment, transport containers, and even transformers. From this, it can be seen that there is a tremendously wide variety of uses for industrialized coats, which help to maintain the integrity of whatever material they are applied to.

Everything You Need to Know About Industrial Coatings - aircraft

How is This Different From Painting?

If you’re trying to figure out the difference between painting and covering, there’s a very simple way you can keep the two distinct in your mind. Basically, the whole rationale for painting something is for aesthetic purposes, whereas coats on things involve an element of performance. Whenever you are painting something, you’re generally trying to improve its appearance, and paint can be applied to a number of different surfaces using a number of different techniques.

Even though there are some protective elements involved with painting, that’s not the real purpose of the process. The whole point of painting something is to have it look nicer or more vibrant or to have it seem to be cleaner or newer than it did prior to painting. What painting lacks, coating comes through on.

Coatings are paints that have a very definite performance purpose in mind, and the particular kind of performance you’re looking for will determine the kind of coating which is utilized. Some of the characteristics imparted by coating are prevention of rust and corrosion, anti-microbial, waterproofing, flexibility and elasticity, color retention, breathability, and even self-cleaning in some cases.

A covering can be a paint, but a paint cannot be a coating, and the difference between the two is always traceable to their performance. If you are trying to make something look pretty, then painting is what you should be doing, whereas if you’re trying to achieve some kind of performance, coating is the process which is indicated.

Organizing Your Industrial Coating

Industrialized coverings can have a great number of applications because they can be formulated so as to provide different types of protection which are best used on specific surfaces. If you require protection for some of your facilities, you should contact us right away to take advantage of our mobile industrialized coating capability. We can have a crew at your location to coat your surfaces, and make them virtually impervious to the effects of weathering and a number of other undesirable influences. When you need industrial coatings, the company to call is Hydro Tech.

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