The Importance of Subsea Pile Cleaning in Vancouver, BC

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It’s important to periodically deploy applications geared toward removing hard and soft marine growth and debris from structures based offshore, including subsea structures. Maintaining a clean pile surface is crucial to keeping offshore assets in good condition, especially as they get older, and it’s imperative for creating the most efficient grouting operations. As marine growth and other types of debris build up over the course of time, it can affect grout adhesion between a pile surface and other pieces. For this reason, it’s important to cut out delays between the installation of a mono pile, transition piece placement and grouting... View Article

What’s the Difference Between Power Washing and Pressure Washing?

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As a business owner, property maintenance is one of your most important priorities. Maintaining your building’s exterior, including siding, parking lots and sidewalks, is incredibly important when it comes to attracting new customers, keeping employees happy and increasing the longevity of your building. Pressure washing and power washing can both be used to clean and maintain these parts of your property, but it’s important to understand the differences between these two services and their applications so that you can ensure the best outcomes possible for your investment in facility maintenance. Applications of power washing and pressure washing There are numerous... View Article

The Benefits of Industrial Painting in Vancouver, BC

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Industrial property owners have to juggle a lot of responsibilities and priorities to maximize the growth and profitability of their businesses. Your facilities and your equipment are essential to the continued operation of your business, and you need to feel confident that these things are kept in the best condition possible for long-term performance and efficient operation. In addition to regular equipment and building maintenance, it’s important to consider all of the benefits of industrial painting in Vancouver, BC: Aesthetic appeal: One of the most obvious benefits of industrial painting in Vancouver, BC is that it can significantly improve the... View Article

A Look at the Biggest Benefits of Parking Lot Power Washing in Vancouver, BC

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If you own a building that has a parking lot, you know just how much maintenance goes into that parking lot to keep it looking great. Not only do you need to worry about potential cracks and potholes forming, but you also need to occasionally sealcoat the lot, lay down new asphalt, repaint the lines and, yes, make sure that the parking lot looks clean and attractive. What exactly makes parking lot power washing in Vancouver, BC so beneficial? Here’s a bit of information from our team to consider as you schedule your next power washing: Make a good impression:... View Article

Stay Up to Date with Your Oil Rig Painting in Vancouver, BC

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It can be understandably frustrating (and also expensive) to ensure a constant focus on maintenance of your oil rigs and other offshore assets. The complexity of the facilities in question, combined with the extremely corrosive nature of the environment in which the rig is located, creates some complications that you’ll need to work around for all types of maintenance, including oil rig painting in Vancouver, BC. However, by following several general philosophies with regard to oil rig maintenance and painting, you’ll be able to enhance the durability of your rig protection, the overall effectiveness of your maintenance and the cost... View Article