Types of Businesses That Benefit From Power Washing

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Power washing, often referred to as pressure washing, is an electrically powered system of high-pressured water meant to make outdoor cleaning easier. The equipment can rid outside surfaces of deep-seated grime, contaminants, dirt, pollutants, algae, and other substances.

The terms “power” and “pressure” washing are often used interchangeably. While they appear to be comparable, there are distinct differences, though small.

Primarily, power washing is a heated cleaning method, while pressure washing is not. Heated water is a better solution for instances of mildew, grime, grease, or if there is salt on the surface.

While various industrial types of businesses benefit from power and pressure cleaning, let’s review what types of businesses that benefit from power washing and what business should use pressure washing.

What Types Of Business Should Get Power Washing

As a rule, power washing and pressure washing each have a similar purpose in making building exterior, container, and equipment cleaning easier for commercial businesses.

The equipment can remove “difficult stains, wash away grime, paint that becomes loose or peeling, mildew or mold, dirt, and work to rid surfaces of grease or heavy oils.”

The objective is to create a “like new” appearance for optimum upkeep and preventive measures to avoid deterioration and defects for the business in the long term. What types of businesses should get power washing as part of their primary maintenance? Let’s learn.

Power washing is ideal for a marina and boating industry

When working in a tropical location where shipping is a primary industry, docks, shipping containers, and all the exterior areas of the business will accumulate “biological” matter, algae, grime, dirt, salt, and on.

This is an area where no one needs to ask, “should I get power washing for my business,” it’s merely an understood necessity. The heated water of a power washer will be better for removing the salt and eliminating the mildew, grime, and other excrements that can grow from the depth of the water.

The beneficial aspect of power washing in this industry is that you can use a gentle, environmentally friendly soap and still have the same result.

It’s not necessary to use harsh commercial products with “ammonia, phosphorus, or phthalates.” These are water pollutants dangerous for marine life.

Pressure washing in the transportation industry is essential

Other types of businesses that benefit from power washing include the transportation industry, specifically trucking. Routine preventive maintenance for a fleet of trucks is primary to efficiency. Pressure washing is a critical component for that care and upkeep.

A trucking company utilizes its trucks not only to haul but as a marketing tool for the business. When these vehicles are on the road, they give other motorists or consumers an impression of that brand.

That means the truck needs to present a polished exterior that speaks of the company’s professionalism. Pressure washing will eliminate grease and grime and protect against rust in the winter when roads are treated with chemicals for inclement weather.

The truck is also more accessible for detecting defects and damages when clean, allowing optimum vehicle maintenance. But trucks are not the only ones in the transportation industry to benefit from pressure washing. Others with similar results include:

  • Taxis
  • Buses
  • Railways
  • Ferries
  • Delivery services
  • City transit
  • Auto dealers/rentals
  • Airlines

In this industry, you must cut through heavy oils, grease, caked-on mud, grime, and on. A huge part of preventive maintenance in the transportation industry includes pressure washing for optimum efficiency.

Farming and pressure washing is a vital combination

When farmers need to deal with unpleasant messes in the barns, pressure washing can be exceptionally beneficial. The animal pens are usually full of manure, caked-on mud, and grime with the pressure washing making easy cleanup of the muck. The tractors and other farm equipment often need to have the mud and dirt power washed to increase the efficiency of the machinery.

The retail industry is no stranger to power washing

Fierce competition in the retail industry creates a need for storefronts to remain pristine for optimum customer satisfaction. When a store is well-maintained, the clients are more likely to return, plus a clean exterior will draw new consumers to the establishment. In that same vein, parking lots and sidewalks must be washed and free of dirt, grime and litter.

Apartment and condominium complexes should be pressure washed as part of adequate care and upkeep

There’s a lot of resident activity in both condominiums and apartment complexes with the need for proper care and maintenance on a regular basis. Power washing is ideal for keeping the sidewalks, paths, and parking lots free of debris, dirt, mud, grime. Swimming pool areas are breeding grounds for bacteria, germs, and algae with a need for routine pressure cleaning. Plus, the areas in and around the HVAC units where mold and mildew can develop should be constantly monitored and power washed.

Final Thought

Power and pressure washing keeps outdoor surfaces adequately maintained to avoid the potential for defects or damages in the long term. It should be a primary component of any business preventive maintenance routine.


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