Pressure Washing’s Role in Garbage Truck Maintenance

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Ever wonder how garbage trucks are washed? Below we’ve provided plenty of information on the garage truck washing process, as well as some helpful pressure washing tips for waste management industry professionals.

Washing a garbage truck

Garbage trucks are essential parts of society. They keep waste from piling up on the sides of the street and within our homes. Since these vehicles carry so much waste, it’s important they get thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis. The most common method for cleaning garbage trucks these days is pressure washing.

Garbage trucks feature an awkward shape, making them difficult to clean by hand with brushes. The best way of reaching all the gaps and grooves of a garbage truck is through pressure washing. During the pressure washing process, the interior and exterior of the garbage truck are sprayed with a high-pressure solution, which usually contains water and some sort of cleaning agent.

How long does it take to wash a garbage truck?

Companies with a smaller fleet (under 15 trucks) may choose to use a touchless rollover system, which can efficiently clean the sides, roof and rocker panel in around 12 minutes. Those with larger fleets, however, will likely want to use a drive-through system, which makes for quicker washing.

In a drive-through pressure washing system, the garbage truck moves slowly down a lane fitted with multiple cleaning tools. This system is just as effective as a rollover system and usually only takes a little over a minute to complete the washing process.

Alternatively, for a more detailed job, you can work with a mobile power washing company that will come to your site and clean your trucks.

How often are garbage trucks washed?

For the most part, garbage trucks should be washed every three days or so. Cleaning is usually done after the night shift has finished.

Pressure washing tips for waste management industry professionals

Waste management industry professionals wanting to invest in their own washing system should consider a rotating high-pressure system. These systems are quick and efficient, and can help save on water consumption. However, if you’re looking to save some time and money, the best thing to do is schedule regular cleanings from a reputable mobile pressure washing service provider.

Choosing a pressure washing company

Choosing the right pressure washing service will ensure a quick and thorough cleaning of your vehicles. Professional pressure washing technicians know how to get into every nook and cranny to remove stuck-in dirt and grime.

That said, there are certain things to look for when trying to decide on a pressure washing service provider. For starters, it’s always good to go with a company that’s environmentally friendly. Not only are environmentally-friendly spraying solutions and techniques better for the planet, they’re also better for your vehicles. You don’t want to work with a company that uses harsh cleaning chemicals, as these could strip the paint from your trucks. It’s also important to go with a company with years of experience and proper safety measures in place.

If you’re looking for the best industrial and commercial power washing service for garbage trucks and other vehicles and equipment, contact the experts at Hydro Tech today. We offer reliable service and will have all your vehicles shining like new in no time.

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