Commercial Power Washing And You

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When your home or business premises require a spotless fascia, commercial power washing becomes the appropriate option. This is because it eliminates all stubborn dirt, grime, and stains from all the necessary places. What is commercial power washing? Power washing involves spraying water under high pressure to get rid of undesirable elements from masonry, fences and concrete surfaces. Hot water is used in commercial washing for removing tough stains. Power washing is a high-pressure cleaning technique that uses water at over 250 degrees. A discharge of heated water is at a rate of five gallons every minute and 3,000 psi of pressure... View Article

What Types of Industrial Warehouse Coatings Are There?

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Did you know that there are three different industrial warehouse coatings that you can use for your facility? Not everybody does, and few understand what kind of benefits they can provide. This article answers the question “what types of industrial warehouse coatings are there?” and help you decide when to pick them for your facility. This information should help keep your machines safe. Epoxy Coatings These simple coatings come with an epoxy base and a curing agent that helps make them useful in various interior and submerged industrial situations. They provide many unique benefits that make them a wise choice... View Article

Getting Your Office Ready for the Return to Work

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As COVID-19 related restrictions loosen up and the number of positive cases goes down, many companies that had shifted to remote work due to the pandemic are planning to have their workers return to the office. According to the Conference Board, the majority of employees who were working remotely throughout the pandemic are required to return to the office this spring. However, experts admit there could be problems with the transition as some employees now prefer to work from home.  If your business is looking to get employees back to their desks, you’re likely to encounter a similar problem, and... View Article

Industrial Cleaning Tips To Keep the Workplace Safe

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It is not just homes that can benefit from commercial cleaning services. Companies need this as well to keep the workplace tidy and organized. By doing so, employers can create a safe and healthy work environment that reduces the risk of employee injuries and illnesses. Besides that, a clean and clutter-free work environment can help increase employee morale. This motivates them to be productive. Sanitary offices, restrooms, and public spaces keep employees healthy. This reduces the number of sick days taken, which is often accompanied by loss of productivity. If you are an employer, here are a few tips on... View Article

The Importance of Routine Sidewalk Cleaning

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Many of us walk on sidewalks every day and hardly give them any thought at all. We don’t pay that much attention because they are such a common part of our landscape. However, to maintain a beautiful sidewalk usable for anybody who happens to pass by, it is necessary to make sure that we keep these areas clean and free from debris. However, debris can damage a sidewalk in various ways. Sunshine Home Exterior Cleaning is the service to count on to help you with any concerns about how your sidewalk appears or what you could do to make it look even better. Sunshine... View Article