Best Ways to Clean a Fiberglass Boat Hull

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Boats might be in the water a good deal of the time, but they still accumulate dirt, grime, algae and more. If you have a boat, you probably want it to look great, but more importantly, you want to avoid any further issues that could cause damage later on down the road. Boat hull cleaning in Vancouver, BC is important, and when you call the team at Hydro Tech Power Washing, you can get that taken care of in a snap, thanks to experts who know just what your boat needs.

Here’s how to clean your boat with a pressure washer:

  • Know the right solution: If you’re using your own pressure washer, consult the owner’s manual to find out what kind of cleaning solution the manufacturer recommends. In most cases, water will be sufficient in and of itself, but if your boat needs heavy-duty cleaning, it’s best to find out what the pressure washer is equipped to handle.
  • Spray soap from the bottom up: Once you have the soap solution taken care of, it’s time to use the pressure washer to distribute it across the hull. In this case, it’s best to spray from the bottom up, in order to avoid streaking.
  • Take a break: At this point, wait at least five minutes (check the manufacturer’s recommendations for best practices) to let the soap do its job.
  • You can scrub if you want to: If the dirt, algae and other surface debris are stubbornly hanging on, this is a good time to manually scrub down the boat. Some pressure washer models come with a brush attachment to clean at maximum efficiency.
  • You should leave that dirt behind: Whatever you do, make sure that the bulk of the stubborn grime is removed before you start pressure washing. Pressure washing uses significantly more water than simply hosing a boat down, so for the most stubborn areas, try to take care of that before you rinse.
  • Rinse from the top down: Now that most of the grime has been loosened, it’s time to rinse—this time, go from the top down to let gravity help remove the dirt.
  • Clean the motor and trailer: Finally, don’t neglect your boat’s motor and trailer—they’re just as likely to pick up dirt and algae as the rest of your boat.

Pressure washers can take a lot of the (literal) dirty work out of washing your boat, as long as you use them safely and effectively. Be sure to contact your local power washing professionals if you have any issues getting your boat clean.

Boat hull cleaning in Vancouver, BC

Ready to restore your boat to looking brand new? The team at Hydro Tech Power Washing can help. We know the ins and outs of cleaning fiberglass boat hulls, and we can avoid damage and make your vessel look better than ever. We offer mobile pressure washing services, so no matter where you’re storing or docking your boat, we can help. Call us today to learn more.

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