Tips for Cleaning an Aluminum Boat Hull

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Every boat owner knows that just because a boat goes into the water doesn’t mean it’s clean. A boat’s life can be maximized by making sure the inside and outside gets a proper cleaning on a regular basis, getting rid of any dirt, mildew or salt oxidation. You may be tempted to simply rinse it off or use a basic soap and call it clean enough. However, there is a proper way to clean an aluminum boat hull in Vancouver, BC.

Follow the tips below to enhance the life of your aluminum boat and make sure it is perfectly clean:

  • Know aluminum’s unique elements: To make sure you protect your aluminum boat hull in Vancouver, BC, you need to understand the properties that make aluminum unique. It might develop an oxidized coating that will need to be removed prior to truly cleaning. Aluminum also reacts easily to air exposure, and even though it is anti-corrosive, you will have to get rid of the oxidized coating to make sure it truly shines.
  • Keep it cool: Nothing will ruin your cleaning plans faster than an aluminum boat hull that is way too hot. Besides being too difficult to touch, metal that is too hot can dry up any cleaner or water you are using, making your efforts ineffective. Wait for a cool day or keep your boat stored in the shade prior to cleaning to avoid having a boat that is too hot to handle.
  • Pick the right cleaner: While regular soap and water might seem like they will do the trick, use a dedicated aluminum cleaner to truly polish and brighten the boat. While soap will get the boat partially clean, a dedicated aluminum cleaner helps make sure your boat is also properly protected.
  • Eliminate debris: Make sure you clean off any excess dust, grease and grime prior to applying any dedicated cleaner to your hull. This will help make sure the cleaner targets the actual aluminum and isn’t wasted on the top layer of dirt, helping you achieve the best aluminum shine.
  • Use a power washer: A power washer can be a boat owner’s best friend, making the cleaning experience more enjoyable and productive. It can help you reach underneath the boat, avoiding the tough scrubbing that can be necessary when you’re not working with a power washer. Be sure to buy the proper detergent for an aluminum boat, and think about investing in a pressure washer brush.

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