Heavy Equipment Washing Tips

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Heavy equipment is designed for longevity, performance and durability, but wear, tear and heavy use can take a serious toll on this equipment over time. To minimize damage and keep your equipment in better shape for longer, it’s important to invest some time into regular cleaning and maintenance. Heavy equipment washing in Vancouver, BC can make a huge difference in the long-term performance and health of industrial equipment. Here are some helpful tips for washing heavy equipment:

  • Remove large debris first: Before washing machinery, take time to remove large rocks, dried mud and other large debris from on and around your machine. Removing these large pieces of debris first will make it easier to effectively clean your equipment and prevent wayward debris from causing damage or injury on the worksite.
  • Soak the machinery with a power washer first: Power washers use hot, pressurized water to remove dirt and grime. Start the cleaning process by spraying down the entire machine with a power washer to dislodge any larger pieces of debris and loosen dirt and grime. Make sure to complete this step before using any detergents or cleaning products.
  • Remove grease deposits: It’s likely there will be several grease deposits on your machinery that are loosened by the power washing process. Before moving on, remove these deposits from the machinery. The heat and pressure of the water will loosen these deposits and make them much easier to remove.
  • Apply cleaning products: Use detergents that are designed for industrial equipment to begin cleaning stubborn grime or grease deposits. Avoid applying too much detergent and focus on areas with visible staining or tough grime deposits. Apply detergent to engine components if necessary to clean grime and grease.
  • Give solvents time to activate: Leave solvents and detergents on the machinery for up to half an hour to give them time to fully activate. Allowing solvents to sit on the machinery for a few minutes improves their cleaning effects and loosens grime and grease.
  • Power wash the machinery a second time: After giving the detergent time to activate, use the power washing equipment a second time to clean the machinery. Begin at the top of the machinery and work your way down for best results.
  • Follow up with maintenance: Following equipment washing, it’s a good idea to conduct some routine maintenance. Tune up your machinery to make sure it’s ready for its next job. Routine maintenance, paired with thorough washing, can extend the lifespan of your equipment significantly and reduce the need for repairs over time.

Heavy equipment washing in Vancouver, BC

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