Commercial Pressure Washing vs. Commercial Power Washing

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Even if you haven’t used pressure washing or power washing services yourself, you’ve probably heard about some of the benefits that they offer. The pressurized stream of water acts as an effective method of cleaning all sorts of debris and contaminants from many different outdoor surfaces, including brick, cement, siding, wood and more. Because of this, it is chosen by many commercial clients to keep their businesses clean and looking their best.

Although both pressure washing and commercial power washing in Vancouver, BC can be implemented as efficient tools for cleaning and maintenance, there is certainly a degree of confusion surrounding the distinction between these two services. While their similarities certainly outweigh their differences, it is helpful to understand these methods in order to know what specific applications each is best suited for.

Pressure washing vs. power washing

Although there are some differences between pressure washing and power washing, the process is essentially the same. Both methods utilize equipment that pressurizes water in order to target outdoor surfaces for cleaning and maintenance. These methods are generally used for the exteriors of homes and businesses, and they can be used to break up and remove contaminants, including dirt, mildew, mold, dust and more. Pressure washing and power washing are both done with heavy equipment that is most effective when used by a professional. Even though the method simply utilizes pressurized water, it can be dangerous, so it’s well worth it to hire a trained technician.

The main difference between power washing and pressure washing is actually the temperature of the water that is used. Power washing uses heated water, while pressure washing uses unheated water. Heated water can help grime, dirt and other components break down more rapidly, which can encourage a more thorough clean. Pressure washing, on the other hand, must rely completely on the force and pressure of the water itself to lift debris and contaminants. Because of this, the equipment varies slightly between pressure washing and power washing, with an added heating component included in power washing equipment.

If your objective is simply to clean an exterior surface like brick or cement, commercial pressure washing in Vancouver, BC will almost certainly do the trick. For these surfaces, you really don’t have to worry too much about the temperature of the water. However, in cases in which you are experiencing problems with mold or mildew, power washing might serve you better. The hot water will be able to more effectively lift these components and restore your surfaces. Power washing can even be used to get weeds and moss out of cement, stone and other materials.

Seek professional power washing services

Whether you need commercial power washing or commercial pressure washing in Vancouver, BC, you can trust the team at Hydro Tech Power Washing to get the job done. We provide commercial and industrial cleaning services that can extend the life of equipment, improve the appearance of buildings and restore even the grimiest exteriors. Give us a call and learn more about what we can do to serve you!

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