Building Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Property Clean and Efficient

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There are a ton of underappreciated building maintenance duties that property managers must tackle throughout the year. At Hydro Tech, we’re familiar with all of these tasks and are able to assist with many of them. This post will cover a few of the chores to keep an eye on this summer and teach you how we can help:

  • Cleaning: Dirt and grime accumulation on a building looks horrible and can drastically reduce your property’s value. Additionally, a dirty facility can lead to lost revenue if unhappy tenants decide to move their operations elsewhere. The best way to clean your building is to hire Hydro Tech to periodically power wash your building.
  • Painting: Letting your building’s paint get dull or chipped is another way to lose tenants and depreciate your building’s value. But don’t try to paint your building by yourself—hire our team at Hydro Tech instead! We use the highest quality products that are sure to last for years without fading or failing.
  • Safety checks: In addition to painting and cleaning your building, you’ll need to hire a professional to perform safety inspections. These inspections keep your building in good standing with local safety regulators and ensure everyone in your facility is safe while at work. These inspections should be performed at least once a year.
  • Building improvements: Unless something’s broken, making HVAC, plumbing or electrical upgrades might seem like you’re throwing money away, but that’s not the case. Upgrading utilities can make your building more efficient, thus reducing your monthly costs. These improvements can make your building more “green” by reducing your carbon footprint.

Why choose Hydro Tech?

When you need commercial building maintenance, here are a few of the reasons customers turn to Hydro Tech time and time again:

  • One-stop shop: As we touched on above, we specialize in power washing and commercial painting and coating projects, so we’re your best option when you need someone to power wash your facility and then repaint it. As a licensed company with years of industry experience, you can rest easy knowing we’ll always get the job done right the first time.
  • Fast response time: You don’t want to wait around for a company to come clean or paint your facility. You also don’t want them hanging around for days or even weeks to complete the job. These aren’t a concern when you hire us. We’re committed to arriving on-site as soon as possible and completing the project with minimal disruptions to your daily operations.
  • Fair pricing: We understand that building upkeep can seem expensive, or even unaffordable. That’s not a concern with Hydro Tech—we offer fair and competitive prices for all of our services. Give us a call today to get a custom quote for your next project.

Now’s the time to call our team!

With nicer weather and longer days, summertime is the best time when it comes to cleaning your building, but that also means our schedule fills up faster! Schedule our painting or power washing services today to ensure your building is in tip-top shape.

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