Getting Your Office Ready for the Return to Work

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As COVID-19 related restrictions loosen up and the number of positive cases goes down, many companies that had shifted to remote work due to the pandemic are planning to have their workers return to the office. According to the Conference Board, the majority of employees who were working remotely throughout the pandemic are required to return to the office this spring. However, experts admit there could be problems with the transition as some employees now prefer to work from home. 

If your business is looking to get employees back to their desks, you’re likely to encounter a similar problem, and that’s not all. Your employees want to know if they will be safe and comfortable in their old workplace. That means working on getting the office ready before they check in.

How To Protect Employees from the COVID-19

Fortunately, there are many things you can do to protect your employees from COVID-19. First, you need to revamp your office space. Remove unused or old furniture to create space and prevent overcrowding in the areas your employees will be staying in. You also need to prioritize ventilation by adding windows and upgrading your HVAC systems. You can keep sanitizers in strategic areas in the office for ease of access and use. Schedule a power cleaning a week before opening the office to get rid of germs and viruses.

What if an Employee Refuses to Come to Work for Fear of Infection?

A recent survey by PWC found that 700 out of 1000 people shared different reasons for not wanting to return to work, with 51 percent citing fear of getting sick. Others feared using public transport, while others feared enrolling their children back to schools after homeschooling or studying under their parents. So it’s likely your employees will have the same fears when returning to work in the office. Be prepared to help your employees transition into the new reality while protecting them from anxiety, depression, stress, and other mental issues. You can also have a work-from-home program to help with the transition. Your employees can take turns working from home, meaning fewer people in the office, more physical distance, and less human contact.

How To Make Employees Feel Safe Coming Back to Office

As the CEO or manager in your company, you have the critical responsibility of reassuring your employees that they will be safe in their working spaces. You can hold a meeting with your team and allow them to voice their perspectives and concerns. Listening and implementing these ideas can help build a culture of trust and streamline the return-to-office process. Here are quick tips you can utilize to make your employees safe when returning to the office:

  • Communicate your plans, objectives, and expectations
  • Consider individual productivity
  • Focus on mental health
  • Be more patient and flexible with your employees
  • Encourage communications
  • Provide guidance, encouragement, and support

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