Pressure Washing Is Perfect for Conveyors

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Cleaning a conveyor belt can come with many logistical challenges. It’s important to choose the proper technique for your machine so you can get the highest quality results and the safest cleaning processes.

At Hydro Tech, we strongly recommend pressure washing as your primary method of conveyor belt washing in Vancouver, BC. It’s something we do ourselves—in fact, one of our current projects is pressure washing a brand-new conveyor that will be erected for a DP World grain terminal down at Surrey Fraser docks.

Here’s an overview of what you should know about pressure washing for conveyors and why it’s your best bet.

Pressure washers for conveyor belt washing

The best conveyor belt cleaner is one that requires minimal manual effort while still achieving a thorough clean. This is why pressure washers are becoming more popular.

There are different kinds of pressure washers that can be used, depending on the type of equipment and the industry. For example, electric pressure washers are the preferred equipment for food and beverage facilities. Many manufacturing and packaging facilities are subject to some very tight environmental regulations, which forces them to choose more environmentally friendly cleaning machines. Electric pressure washers not only use a renewable resource for cleaning, but also run on electricity rather than gas, meaning they will not emit any fumes inside the facility that could harm people or products.

There are also steam pressure washer machines available, which are also used widely in food and beverage facilities. These machines will dissolve particularly tough dirt buildup from multiple surface types. Today’s steam pressure washer machines have an attached vacuum that will both clean and then extract the waste, disposing of it in a clean, orderly manner.

Of course, there are also gas-powered pressure washers for conveyor belts in other types of facilities in Vancouver, BC or for conveyors located in outdoor locations. Generally, though, it’s highly recommended that you seek out electrical pressure washers, both to save energy and to avoid issues with fumes and safety hazards in indoor spaces where conveyor belts are most likely to be located.

Any pressure washer you use should be capable of resisting damage from chemicals or corrosion, and should be trusted to provide high-quality, consistent performance.

Finally, before you begin using a pressure washer on your conveyor belts, make sure anyone who will be performing the cleaning has been trained in the use of a pressure washer. A lack of proper usage can result in the pressure washer actually damaging the conveyor. You need to keep the nozzle a certain distance away from the surface, keep the water moving and maintain the proper angle to the surface to avoid damaging it.

These are just a few of the considerations you should think about when considering the use of pressure washers for cleaning your conveyor belts in Vancouver, BC. Hydro Tech is skilled and experienced in providing pressure washing for all types of surfaces. Contact us today to learn more about what we can offer you.

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