Tips for Pressure Washing in Vancouver, BC

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There might be nothing more satisfying than clearing away built-up dust, grime, dirt and mildew, making something that used to be difficult to lay eyes on an attractive sight to behold once again. Erasing the buildup with a pressure washer can bring a glimmer and shine back to your assets, making them look brand new and in some cases, even adding longevity to their lifespan. Luckily, the experts at Hydro Tech are here to help, providing mobile industrial and commercial pressure washing in Vancouver, BC to a wide range of industries.

Here are a few pressure washing tips:

  • Always stay safe: It might be obvious that water and electricity should not mix. Before you begin power washing, take all of the necessary safety precautions to protect yourself and those around you. Cover any cable boxes and exterior lights and outlets prior to spraying. It is best to avoid making contact with electrical lines, conduits and any outdoor appliances as well.
  • Choose the best equipment: Make sure you have the right pressure washer for the size of the job you’re planning to tackle. While a smaller, electric-powered pressure washer is great for small areas, a gas-powered pressure washer might work better for a larger area. Consider a system that achieves at least 3,000 PSI to get to those high, out-of-reach places. Pay attention to the nozzle as well. Not every nozzle works the same, and you will want to know the size and how to adjust it throughout the job.
  • Test it out: Just like any new piece of equipment, make sure you test out your new pressure washer in a safe area prior to getting to work. You will want to make sure you know exactly how the pressure washer works before letting loose on your building, deck or boat. Get a feel for the power and which distance works best for the job. A narrow spray works better for tougher stains, but a wider spray works nicely for general cleaning and is a little less rough on the surface.
  • Consider the cleaner carefully: Just like the equipment, test out your cleaning product on a small spot as well to check for any issues before applying to the whole surface. You may want to consider a cleaner that is safe for plants as well.
  • Work in small areas: To prevent streaks, focus on one small area at a time. This helps you keep track of where you have worked already and also makes it convenient to take breaks. By controlling the area, you can also avoid making mistakes, such as hitting windows.

When you’re in need of help with pressure washing in Vancouver, BC, whether for industrial or commercial applications, reach out to the professionals at Hydro Tech. Our experienced and qualified staff will work with you to limit business interruption while helping you maintain your assets. We’ll leave everything sparkling clean using modern tools and techniques to get the job done right. Call the experts at Hydro Tech today. We’re ready to work with you soon.

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