Tips to Keep Construction Equipment Clean

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Construction is a messy process. Consider how eager you are to jump into a shower after a long day on the job. Now think about how all of that grease and grime can build up on the expensive machinery you use. Tasks like heavy equipment washing in Vancouver, BC are vital to maintaining these machines while keeping you and your crew safe.

Why is it important to clean construction equipment?

Hiring a company like Hydro Tech to handle heavy equipment pressure washing in Vancouver, BC extends the service life of these expensive machines. Clean equipment operates more efficiently at lower temperatures without battling against the buildup of mud or dirt. Dirty conditions cause components to fail and increase instances of unplanned downtime.

The list of reasons to clean your construction equipment goes on and on. That’s why you want to partner with a business like ours to ensure your machinery always looks its best and operates correctly.

How to keep your construction equipment clean

When it comes to heavy equipment washing in Vancouver, BC, you can opt to handle the task on your own or work with a company specializing in these services, like Hydro Tech. Otherwise, you’ll need to invest in various tools, personal protective gear and cleaning solutions to complete the task:

  • Set up your wash rack or pad: Many jurisdictions throughout British Columbia have specific requirements for the location of wash racks or pads to comply with environmental protection efforts. You have to contain the contaminated water created from washing the machinery to ensure it doesn’t seep into the groundwater. Your wash rack or pad must be enclosed with a system for collecting wash water and all of the muck you clean off your equipment.
  • Stock up on PPE: You’ll need full-length coveralls, protective footwear, gloves and face shields for every person involved in cleaning your equipment. Pressure washers, degreasing agents, sharp edges and toxic cleaning chemicals present real threats to those who aren’t wearing the correct personal protective equipment.
  • Pressure washers and water cannons: A water cannon does the heavy lifting when cleaning construction machinery, while a pressure washer provides the detailed work and final rinse. You’ll begin with the cannon blasting your equipment with water flowing at a rate of 20 to 150 gallons per minute. To get between cracks, in between treads and into other smaller crevices, you’ll use the pressure washer.
  • Cleaning products: You’ll also need to load up on the correct types of detergents, surfactants and other cleaning agents. You’ll need to consult the manufacturer’s recommendations, so you purchase and use the right products. Otherwise, you could be doing more harm than good.

While many construction business owners think a hose, some scrub brushes and automotive detergent will be enough to clean their equipment, heavy equipment pressure washing in Vancouver, BC ensures your expensive machinery receives the care it needs. Reach out to Hydro Tech today to schedule a consultation about cleaning your construction equipment. We clean all varieties of machinery and equipment, including (but not limited to) fleet vehicles, tractors, trailers, cranes, excavators, dozers and more.

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