Why You Should Seal Stone and Concrete Surfaces

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If you have a stone or concrete patio, driveway or walkway on your commercial property, we strongly recommend investing in concrete sealing in Vancouver, BC to protect those surfaces for many years to come. Sealers help you protect the integrity of those surfaces, and also provide some additional benefits.

There are three main types of sealers you can choose from: topical, integral and penetrating. Topical sealers get applied to the surface of concrete and form a protective barrier, which is good for either indoor or outdoor applications. This is the most common type of sealer applied to a concrete surface.

Here are just a few examples of some of the biggest benefits associated with concrete sealing that demonstrate why so many companies make it a priority on their properties:

  • It enhances the surface durability: When concrete and stone surfaces are constantly exposed to the elements, they are susceptible to cracking, scaling and other common types of problems. Sealing the concrete improves its durability, which means it will be able to hold up to the elements and avoid damage that comes from constant exposure.
  • Extend the life of the concrete: Enhanced durability makes for an extended lifespan for your concrete. On average, you can expect a concrete driveway to last anywhere from 25 to 30 years, but if it gets cracked or damaged earlier, an earlier replacement is most likely going to be necessary. Sealing and resealing your concrete will allow you to maximize the lifespan of your concrete to that 30-year window or beyond.
  • Improved color: Long-term exposure of concrete to the elements can result in fading and discoloration. If you want to prevent your concrete from looking old and dingy, as well as engage in smart concrete mold prevention in Vancouver, BC, then sealing the concrete can help you protect its color and keep it looking fresh and sharp for many years. Cleaning the concrete also helps, of course, but a good sealing will do quite a bit to preserve the color and appearance of the concrete surface.
  • Extra protection: Sealing your concrete offers extra protection against things such as oil spills and other substances that could stain the surface, such as bird droppings, mud, water and more. It also offers protection against the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun, and keeps moisture from seeping down into the concrete so you can avoid damage caused by the regular freezing and thawing cycles. With so many things that could potentially damage your concrete, sealing it is important to give it the extra protection it so desperately needs.
  • Protection against mold: Freezing and thawing isn’t the only danger associated with a buildup of moisture in concrete. Mold can also be a big issue. If left wet for extended periods of time, mold and mildew can form and compromise its structural integrity, or at the very least cause discoloration and ugliness.

For more information about the benefits of concrete sealing in Vancouver, BC, we encourage you to contact the experts at Hydro Tech Power Washing today.

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