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It can be frustrating to you as a property owner or business owner when you find that your property has been violated with graffiti. You may spend countless hours scrubbing at the graffiti or attempting to pressure wash it away yourself to no avail. Graffiti removal in Vancouver, BC can be one of the toughest projects to tackle, resulting in discouragement and frustration. Follow these tips to help you remove tough graffiti.

Using the right products can help

Sometimes, it just takes the right solvent or cleaner to get tough graffiti off your wall. There are many great graffiti removal products available. However, many commercially available graffiti removal products that you can find online or at your local hardware store can be flammable and harmful if inhaled, so make sure you read all the safety tips and instructions for the product that you choose. Make sure you’re aware of wind conditions, and don’t spray products that may be blown back in the direction of your face. Use eye, nose and mouth protection when you apply the product, even if there’s no wind. Plus, don’t keep rags that might be flammable nearby. Make sure that you are well read on how to handle accidents and injury before using the product.

Cleaning the surfaces

On smooth surfaces, graffiti shouldn’t be too difficult to remove. You’ll want to test the product you choose on a small area before spraying it onto a larger area. Start with soap and water before moving on to harsher substances. On rough surfaces, however, graffiti can be a pain to remove. If the surface is porous, it could be nearly impossible. For example, a cinder block wall can be one of the hardest surfaces to remove graffiti from. A wire brush and hard scrubbing can be a good complement to a commercial cleaning product and help fight tougher stains.

Pressure washing for the toughest graffiti

If you’ve tried everything and still can’t get the graffiti removed, pressure washing can be a lifesaver. Hydro Tech Power Washing offers high-quality industrial and commercial power washing services for graffiti removal in Vancouver, BC. Power washing can help return your property to its original pristine condition, without even a hint of the vandalism that once plagued it. No matter the level of dirt and toughness of the graffiti, our power washing services can truly restore your building.

As a commercial and industrial power washing service, we can handle any project, from the smallest to the largest. Maintaining a clean exterior is essential to the success of your business. You want to have a well-presented building, and graffiti detracts from that aesthetic immensely. Instead of suffering from the vandalism or scrubbing in frustration, let Hydro Tech Power Washing save the day! Whether you have a retail space, a restaurant or any other kind of business, graffiti can really detract from your selling point. Plus, in addition to producing industry-best cleanliness, Hydro Tech is environmentally conscious. We use eco-friendly cleaners and biodegradable degreasers, which minimized the impact on the environment around us. Give us a call today for graffiti removal in Vancouver, BC!

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