Tips for Greater Safety with Industrial Cleaning in Vancouver, BC

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As a company that provides industrial cleaning in Vancouver, BC, one of our biggest points of emphasis is making sure we help industrial facilities maintain safe conditions at all times. This is true both in terms of how we perform our cleaning as well as why we provide thorough industrial cleaning services in the first place.

Here are some goals you should have with your industrial cleaning and tips to help make each of those goals happen:

  • Prevent slips and falls: It should be a goal for all industrial facilities to prevent slips and falls as much as possible. Therefore, you should focus on keeping all floors clean and dry, and have proper drainage in areas where any wet processes may take place. Keep all aisles and exits clear, and report and clean up spills and leaks as they occur.
  • Control the presence of dust: You should never rely solely on dry sweeping dust or using a dry vac. While these are both important parts of dust control, they should not be the only processes you use in that regard. You should also employ high-efficiency vacuums and wet methods to make sure you’re really clearing out all of the dust in a given area.
  • Avoid tracking materials around the property: You should always have mats laid out in work areas that you keep clean and in good condition so you can avoid spreading hazardous materials. You might require some specific cleaning protocols to allow you to avoid cross contamination in certain areas. If you’re working with toxic materials, you should also not wear the same clothes home that you wore to work—this is a big health and safety risk.
  • Eliminate fire hazards: Eliminating fire hazards should be a big area of focus for any industrial facility. Keep only the necessary amounts of combustible materials in your area. If you have any flammable materials that would burn quickly, make sure you keep them safely stored in areas specifically designated for those materials. Avoid letting flammable liquids get on your clothes—if a spill does happen, change as quickly as possible. Finally, if there are any fire hazards that exist in electrical areas, make sure those get reported and fixed as soon as possible to prevent an emergency event.
  • Clear clutter: You should keep all aisles, emergency exits, electrical panels, stairways and doors free of clutter for safety reasons. Empty your trash receptacles regularly, and purge all untidy areas of any unnecessary items. For items that you do intend to keep, make sure you store them properly so they’re out of the way of workers. The workspace should not be used for storage—everything should be placed in proper storage areas after use every single day.
  • Clean and inspect equipment and tools: It’s not just the facilities that should be cleaned and inspected. Any equipment and tools you use while on the job should also be kept clean and well maintained.

For more information about safety with industrial cleaning in Vancouver, BC, contact Hydro Tech Power Washing today.

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