What Types of Industrial Warehouse Coatings Are There?

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Did you know that there are three different industrial warehouse coatings that you can use for your facility? Not everybody does, and few understand what kind of benefits they can provide.

This article answers the question “what types of industrial warehouse coatings are there?” and help you decide when to pick them for your facility. This information should help keep your machines safe.

Epoxy Coatings

These simple coatings come with an epoxy base and a curing agent that helps make them useful in various interior and submerged industrial situations. They provide many unique benefits that make them a wise choice for many situations. Just a few benefits they may provide include:

  • Chemical Resistant: These coatings are very resistant to chemical abrasion and stay strong under many different situations. They’re also good at withstanding heat.
  • Incredibly Strong: When combined with concrete, epoxy is three-time stronger and can provide long-lasting and cost-effective waterproofing and shock-resistant protection.
  • Very Visible: Epoxy retains a bright sheen and high visibility, which helps make them safer while also being less slippery than polished concrete to minimize slipping dangers.

Polyurethane Coatings

Polyurethane coatings typically serve as a material topcoat that helps improve a material’s durability and minimizes scratching issues. They provide diverse advantages that make them useful in specific situations, including shopping centers, bowling alleys, offices, and other facilities:

  • Abrasion Resistance: These coatings keep your surface from suffering abrasion and can also ensure that it stays stronger for longer without an increased scratch risk.
  • Keep Their Color: You can add a touch of color to your facility with these coatings, as they retain their natural color and provide a glossy, but not slippery, finish.
  • Easy To Install: Simply spray these coatings across your surface to apply them, particularly across steel and concrete supports that need enhanced durability to stay strong and reliable.

Elastomeric Coatings

Elastomeric coatings are an above-grade wall or roof coating that can work well in exterior situations. They are incredibly durable, reliable, and can create many unique benefits. Just a few advantages that you may receive when installing these great coatings include:

  • Very Strong Design: Estimates claim that these coatings are ten times thicker and stronger than paint, making them great for industrial settings.
  • Weather Resistant: These high-quality coatings are resistant to both UV rays and water, including rain, ice, and snow, which should help keep your industrial facility strong.
  • Appealing Color Schemes: Do you want your industrial facility to look a bit more attractive to the public? These coatings can create unique colors and styles that enhance your factory’s look.

Work With Us

At Hydro Tech, we can help you find the highest-quality coatings that suit your company’s specific needs. We’ll narrow down your options, discuss which suit your specific facility, work hard to apply them, and help you protect your factory. Talk to us about any of these three coatings to learn more about their major benefits for you.

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