The Advantages of Painting Your Industrial Equipment

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Though it might seem purely cosmetic, fresh paint on your industrial equipment provides a number of benefits for the machinery itself and your business as a whole. This post will cover all the benefits of proper industrial coatings in Vancouver, BC:

  • Better appearance: Obviously, freshly painted equipment looks a whole lot better than any rusty machinery! Keeping everything looking nice and fresh is crucial if you’re showing off your business to potential clients or investors. When having your machinery painted, go with colors that match your business’ brand to create a unified look throughout your company.
  • Extended service life: We don’t have to tell you that new equipment costs a pretty penny, which is why you need to do everything you can to prolong your machinery’s lifespan. On top of doing your regular maintenance, clean and paint the exterior to ensure your equipment stands the test of time.
  • Fewer breakdowns: Believe it or not, some of the most common cases of mechanical failure result from dirty or corroded gears or mechanisms in machinery. Proper industrial coatings in Vancouver, BC, along with routine cleaning, can prevent equipment from suddenly breaking down, which necessitates expensive repairs.
  • Increased productivity: The less time your machinery is broken down, the more productive your business will be. Painting obviously isn’t free, but it eventually pays for itself, as your business will have greater output.
  • The Advantages of Painting your Industrial Equipment - Equipment

  • Rust and corrosion prevention: The top enemies of all industrial machinery are rust and corrosion. Not only do they make your gear look bad, but they also cause breakdowns and reduce your equipment’s lifespan. The best way to ensure rust and corrosion don’t affect your business is by painting industrial equipment in Vancouver, BC. Rust and corrosion don’t stand a chance against a fresh coat of paint.
  • Weather resistance: Rain, sleet, snow and the sun’s rays all take a major toll on your outdoor machinery. Luckily, you can protect against the elements with a fresh coat of paint! There are paints designed specifically for outdoor machinery that defend against anything Mother Nature throws at it.
  • Easier maintenance: Maintaining dirty old equipment is tough work! Make your life a whole lot easier by adding a fresh coat of paint to your industrial gear. Since dirt and grime can’t stick to a shiny painted surface, we guarantee you’ll spend far less time on maintenance.
  • More savings: All of the points mentioned above can lead to huge savings for your business! We prefer to think of painting not as a cost, but instead as an investment in your equipment and your company.
  • Higher resale value: Last, but certainly not least, freshly painted machinery is worth more on the resale market. If you’re planning on selling any of your machinery soon, be sure to hire our team of professionals to give it some fresh paint. We guarantee your gear will sell faster and for more money if it’s painted.

When it comes to painting industrial equipment in Vancouver, BC, nobody does a better job than our team at Hydro Tech Power Washing. Give us a call today to schedule painting services or to learn more about how painting can benefit your business and equipment.

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