Cranes in the Marine Industry: Types and Uses

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Visit any major port along the west coast and you will discover that the marine industry is made up of much more than a fleet of shipping vessels. Powerful machinery, both on and offshore, work together to keep the marine industry moving forward.

One of the largest (and almost always the tallest) pieces of equipment you will find in any port is a barge crane. At Hydro Tech Power Washing, we are proud to be the owners of one of the largest cranes on a barge on the west coast. Our crane allows us to offer industrial power washing in Vancouver, BC for even the most out-of-reach places in port. Ours, while the biggest crane, is not the only type you’ll see on the west coast. Barge cranes come in lots of different sizes and types, each designed for a specific purpose. Let’s take a look at the different types of cranes you will find in the marine industry, as well as their purposes.

Stiff boom crane

The stiff boom crane is likely what comes to mind when most people think of a crane. These cranes use a winch for lifting, which means that their function is pretty basic compared to other cranes. The stiff boom crane cannot be hydraulically extended or retracted, and it lacks a knuckle function as well. For these reasons, the stiff boom crane requires ample space to operate, either on a vessel or onshore, and is best for general cargo handling. However, the boom crane is often the most affordable crane option.

Knuckle boom crane

Knuckle boom cranes can also be found both onshore and offshore. They are mostly used for lifting items within a close distance, but they do have a greater reach than a stiff boom crane. The knuckle boom crane is easy to handle, but still has a good combination of force and strength. The knuckle boom crane looks similar to a stiff boom crane, except the knuckle boom crane has two booms with a “knuckle” between them. The knuckle allows the crane to fold into a smaller size, while also giving this crane a greater reach to lift objects at a distance. Because of its design, the knuckle boom crane is ideal for loading and unloading heavy objects in restricted spaces where a stiff boom crane would not be able to maneuver.

Telescopic boom crane

Unlike the first two boom cranes discussed, the telescopic boom crane uses hydraulic cylinders to extend the crane from several cross-sectional segments. Due to this unique design, the telescopic boom crane has more power, reach and dexterity than the last two crane types described. A telescopic boom crane can be used to lift even heavy cargo in restricted spaces. The telescopic boom crane can also be used, like ours, for power washing and industrial painting in Vancouver, BC.

If you would like to learn more about what we can do for you with our crane, contact Hydro Tech Power Washing today or check out our services page.

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