High Pressure Washer Safety Tips

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A pressure washer is a powerful washing appliance that ejects water through a concentrating nozzle at extremely high pressure. The high pressure makes it easy to remove accumulated dirt, mud, mold, and other contaminants from large and sturdy surfaces such as buildings, heavy equipment, and concrete surfaces. While the power washer is an efficient cleaner, it still poses some safety hazards if handled inappropriately. Below are important power washer safety tips you need to pay attention to:

Clear the Area Before Pressure Washing

Before using a power washer, you should take the necessary steps to reduce the chances of an accident happening. One of the best ways of doing this is to clear the area you want to clean of any obstruction, effectively minimizing the possibility of tripping hazards. You can establish a perimeter around the area or have someone keep watch as you wash. In case a person or animal approaches, the one keeping watch can warn you so you can turn off the machine. Part of promoting safety will also involve reading the user manual in its entirety.

High Pressure Washing Safety - Clear the Area

Never Aim the Nozzle at Anyone

You should never aim the nozzle at anyone, even if the machine is turned off. The force with which water comes out of the nozzle can cause severe injuries and even fatalities. Even in cases where there are no visible injuries, these machines can cause serious internal tissue damage. To ensure both you and the people around you are safe, always keep the wand pointed downwards until you are comfortable with the level of force. You should also remain aware of your surroundings when cleaning.

Wear Safety Gear

Considering the risks associated with these washing tools, wearing appropriate protective gear will go a long way in helping to prevent washing-related accidents. Apart from the highly-pressurized jet of water, small particles from the surface you are cleaning can ricochet and cause injuries. Make sure you wear safety goggles, hearing protection, work gloves, long pants, and steel-toed boots. Protective gear will ensure that your eyes, ears, hands, and feet are protected from injuries that may be caused by high-pressure water or flying debris.

High Pressure Washing Safety - Safety glasses

Engage the Safety Latch

The design of most washers is such that there is a safety latch that you can use to promote safe practices when the machine is not in use. The latch helps prevent accidental engagement of the equipment. Once you have finished cleaning, you should always engage the latch before you put the water gun down. If you still need to use the machine, you should not leave it unattended, making sure you turn it off before you step away. This way, it will not be easy for people who cannot operate the machine to handle it.


The force of the machines is one of the reasons why everyone should exercise caution when handling them. It is important to note that there could still be built up force inside the washer even after turning it off for some time. If the pressure is released without depressurizing, a water spray can come out, causing severe injuries to anyone in its line. Before putting the equipment away, you should always remember to turn it off and squeeze the trigger.

Do Not Use Gasoline-Powered Washers in Enclosed Spaces

There are different types of power washers available in the market, a factor that makes it vital for you to understand your washing tool and the risks it presents. Gasoline-powered washers emit carbon monoxide, a gas that is dangerous to inhale. Since carbon monoxide poisoning can cause dizziness, headaches, and nausea, you should ensure that you clean in open or well-ventilated areas. In case you need to use a washer in an enclosed area, you should use an electric pressure washer for your safety.

Exercise Caution When Using an Extension Cord

When using an electric power washer and you need to use an extension cord, you must ensure that the cord connection does not sit on standing water. You should also be sure to use heavy-duty extension cords whose components are designed for use in wet locations. It would also be important to keep the power cord and extension cord connections far from the surface being washed or water runoffs. This will not only help to keep you and the people around safe but also protect the equipment from damage.

High Pressure Washing Safety - Extension Cord Safety

Get a Professional to Check the Unit for Electrical Problems

Regardless of the type or how well you maintain your equipment, it is bound to develop some electrical problems. In case it trips a circuit breaker, you should get a qualified electrician to check the machine instead of trying to fix the issue yourself. Working with a qualified electrician will not only ensure the machine functions properly but also minimize the risk of electrocutions caused by poorly fixed problems.

Never Allow Children to Operate the Machine

A pressure washer is not a toy. If you are not confident in your ability to operate the machine, you should not try to wash. Also, children should never be allowed to operate the machine or play around it when it is in use. They should be at a safe distance whenever an adult is using the device. Whenever possible, children should not go near the device even if it is off since there is always the chance they will accidentally turn it on.

Avoid Working at High Heights

If you are to be safe whenever you are using a power washer, you should never underestimate its force. Working at high heights and using ladders presents the danger of losing your balance as a result of the kickback, which could lead to a fall and result in injuries. If you want to clean up high, you should consider using attachments, extension lances, and wands. These tools will be a safer and more convenient way of cleaning your surfaces.

Safe and Professional Pressure Washing

With the right measures, you will enjoy the benefits associated with power washers. In case you are not sure about your ability to operate the washing tool, you should hire a professional cleaning company to do the job. Hydro Tech Power Washing has the right equipment and expertise to clean your space effectively and efficiently. Contact us today to learn more about our power washing services.

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