How Aerial Lifts Can Improve Industrial Painting in Vancouver, BC

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Industrial painting in Vancouver, BC is a difficult job, which is why most businesses leave this task to the professionals. Even professionals can find this task to be complicated without the right tools, which is why an aerial lift certification that allows for the use of aerial equipment can completely transform any paint job.

Accomplishing More

Ladders have been a great asset in the painting industry for many years, and will certainly continue to be, but the reality is that they can only carry a painting crew so far before they can no longer be used safely. Unfortunately, these restrictions can slow down job productivity at times, with painters only able to carry a limited amount of the tools they need to get the job done with each trip up the ladder.

With the addition of an aerial lift to a company’s resources, however, the scope of the work they can do for your project is expanded entirely. Aerial lifts have the capacity to go hundreds of feet in the air, which means that all of the areas that a ladder could not reach can be completed with ease. In addition to the added flexibility and mobility, aerial lifts are also durable, and great for mobile industrial painting jobs.

Certification You Can Trust

Because there are hazards associated with operating aerial lifts, every single person that will use one has to go through extensive training in order to receive certification. This training includes instructions for the proper operation of an aerial lift, all of the safety inspections that have to be completed prior to operation and an in-depth understanding of maximum intended loads and load capacity. Each operator will also be required to demonstrate both their technical and physical knowledge of aerial lift operation before they can be certified to use one on a job site. Knowing that your painter has received the proper training and certification to safely use an aerial lift for your job will give homeowners added piece of mind.

We are proud to be able to let our customers know that we now have aerial lift certification, and have been able to add an aerial lift to our fleet of equipment to expand upon what we can do for your building. These lifts provide additional space and flexibility that ladders cannot offer, in addition to being able to efficiently service more of your building. Ultimately, productivity, the type of work that can be done and the efficiency of our jobs are all vastly improved with an aerial lift on site.

If you want to take advantage of the training and skills of our staff at Hydro Tech Power Washing and put our new aerial lift certification to work, give us a call today. We have served as the premier industrial painting company in Vancouver, BC for 10 years now, and our new certification will allow us to continue to serve the area at a higher level. Contact us to schedule your appointment right away, and learn more about what we can do for you.

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