Some Safety Tips for Aerial Equipment

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Aerial lift equipment is used for a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications across numerous industries. Regardless of how you use your lift equipment, though, safety is an essential consideration. While modern lift equipment is designed to be safe to operate, it’s still important to take appropriate safety measures to prevent falls and injuries. Read on to find out more about how you can keep your workplace safe with some helpful fall prevention measures, including industrial power washing in Vancouver, BC.

Safety tips for aerial lifts

There are a lot of safety concerns and risks associated with aerial lifts, so a commitment to strict safety protocols is essential in workplaces that use this equipment. It’s impossible to eliminate risk entirely, but there are a lot of things that you can do to minimize risks and prevent injuries in your workplace:

  • Ensure proper training: Aerial lifts require specific training for operators as well as for those who work on lifted platforms. Thorough training covers information about how to operate aerial lifts, as well as the relevant safety requirements and protective equipment. Regular training for your team can improve safety significantly and help your workers feel confident when they’re using aerial lifts.
  • Inspect equipment: Inspecting your equipment on a regular basis allows you to ensure that everything is in working order for safe operation. With regular inspections, you can identify potential issues and take care of minor repairs before any major problems develop. Make sure to inspect your safety equipment, like guardrails, toe boards and harnesses, to make sure that they are secure and in good working condition.
  • Assess your worksite: In addition to inspecting and monitoring the condition of your aerial lift, you should also take the time to assess the surrounding area. Pay attention to any hazards that might increase the risk of injury, like holes, piles of debris and power lines, and make sure to clear these hazards to improve the safety of your lift operation.
  • Clean and maintain lifts: You might not think of cleaning as a safety issue on a worksite, but the reality is that well-maintained equipment is much safer and can reduce the risk of falls. Services like industrial power washing in Vancouver, BC remove the dirt and grime that accumulates on your equipment to help promote better traction and reduce fall risk. In addition, power washing can improve the efficiency and performance of your equipment.

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