Pressure Washing Myths Debunked

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Pressure washing is a great way to tackle big cleaning jobs. Most homeowners are aware that they have two options when it comes to pressure washing. They can either hire a professional pressure washing service, or they can attempt to do the job themselves.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths surrounding pressure washing, and this can lead to problems if you are trying to perform this job on your own. In this quick guide, we will answer the question, “Pressure washing what’s the truth?” Here we will attempt to debunk a few pressure washing myths that are floating around. Let’s get started.

Pressure Washing Is Damaging

This is a pervasive pressure washing myth that often scares people away from pressure washing altogether. The truth is, that when done properly, pressure washing will not damage your property. However, the flip side of that is that if not done properly, pressure washing could possibly damage your property.

This can happen whether you attempt to pressure wash yourself or hire a company. Just because someone is listed on the internet as a pressure washing company, does not mean that they necessarily have the proper training to pressure wash your home correctly. Even a so-called professional can damage your property if they are not doing their job correctly. However, this goes for pretty much any type of professional you hire: handyman, plumbers, HVAC, etc.

Look for professionals who have an established reputation in your community for superior work.

Pressure Washing Is Only For Big Jobs

Pressure washing is actually a great way to handle cleaning jobs both small and large. The trick is to know the type of nozzle to use and the amount of pressure to use for the type of job at hand. If you are new to pressure washing, this might seem confusing. This is one reason why many people opt for hiring a professional pressure washing service instead.

Anyone Can Pressure Wash

It is true that anyone can buy or rent a pressure washer, but that does not necessarily mean that pressure washing requires no training, or that anyone can do a great pressure washing job. In order to do a great job, it is necessary to have some knowledge of how the pressure washer works, which types of nozzles are appropriate for different types of jobs, and how much pressure to use for different jobs.

A professional pressure washer will have this information and will be able to properly clean your home, driveways, equipment, and outdoor furniture.

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