An Overview of Oil Rig Painting in Vancouver, BC

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A regular part of maintenance for your oil rig should be making sure it has a high-quality paint job. This painting should occur with some regularity—whether it be annually or biannually. This is because the coating protects the rig from some of the elements it’s exposed to throughout the year. The marine environment in which these rigs are located and the numerous chemicals they carry and are exposed to can wreak havoc on the finish of the oil rig, so even if you don’t give it a fully new coat every single year, you should at least make it a point to carefully analyze the rig and the state of its finish and make the repairs and touch-ups wherever and whenever needed.

All corrodible equipment, hardware, components and structures should be properly and fully coated with the right type of coating before it gets shipped out. You should also make sure you’re using packing and handling processes that are conducive to protecting what can be a highly vulnerable coating system.

It can also be helpful for oil companies and rigs to have programs that get personnel involved with carrying out spot coating maintenance. While you should always have a professional come in and take charge of large-scale jobs, there are some spot coating and general maintenance tasks that can be handled by staff on the rig. Make sure you are constantly stocked up with all of the coating products you need in the paint locker at the facility.

The importance of working with professional contractors

As we mentioned above, there are some circumstances in which workers on an oil rig are capable of handling some smaller-scale maintenance and spot coating as needed, but the larger-scale jobs are always going to need to be handled by professionals, as are the jobs that require more specialized tools and skillsets.

Here are just a few of the reasons why it’s so important to work with professional contractors for oil rig painting in Vancouver, BC:

  • Skills and experience: Whenever you hire a company that is dedicated to working on oil rig painting and other offshore painting and coating jobs, you can be guaranteed that you’re working with a team of people who know what they’re doing and how to get the job done in a way that will last into the future. This ensures better long-term protection of your rig and equipment.
  • Professional equipment: There are many types of offshore painting jobs that require specialized tools and equipment to get the job done correctly, which you might not have, and it might not make sense to purchase them. Professional contractors will have all the tools and equipment needed to get the job done.
  • Peace of mind: There’s a lot of peace of mind that comes with knowing your oil rig painting is in good hands with skilled professionals who will get the job done efficiently and properly, so you’re not wasting your money.

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