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It can be understandably frustrating (and also expensive) to ensure a constant focus on maintenance of your oil rigs and other offshore assets. The complexity of the facilities in question, combined with the extremely corrosive nature of the environment in which the rig is located, creates some complications that you’ll need to work around for all types of maintenance, including oil rig painting.

However, by following several general philosophies with regard to oil rig maintenance and painting, you’ll be able to enhance the durability of your rig protection, the overall effectiveness of your maintenance and the cost effectiveness of the maintenance processes.

With this in mind, here are a few examples of some practices you may find effective for dealing with damaged coating systems on your oil rigs, whether offshore or onshore.

Schedule your maintenance far in advance

You should make it a point to work painting and general coating maintenance into your schedule, even if you’re not entirely sure the structure will need that maintenance. The general recommendation we provide is to do this on an annual or biannual basis. You should hire professionals to come in, assess the state of the coating and then perform necessary onsite coating maintenance repairs and touchups.

Obviously, any contractor you work with for this job is going to need to be experienced in oil rig work, especially if you’re working offshore. It’s not an easy environment to work in, and it’s not the same as painting or maintaining other types of structures. There are a variety of safety issues and challenges that the team will need to be able to overcome.

Protect from corrosion

As part of your maintenance processes, you should make sure that any equipment, hardware, components or structures that are susceptible to corrosion and are supplied from offshore sources get fully coated with the proper coating system before they’re actually shipped out to your platform. Those items must then also be protected, properly packaged and handled to ensure they are kept safe and secure all the way out to the rig.

There are no guarantees that unprotected items will actually be able to withstand the harshness of the offshore environment, so coating before delivery is an absolute must.

Have a spot coating crew

You should have a program in place for personnel at your facility to carry out spot maintenance and touchups of the coating whenever necessary. This is especially important when you have hardware, bolts, mechanical items or structural elements being fitted or replaced. Make sure you’re constantly outfitted with all the coating products and equipment you need in your facility’s paint locker and equipment storage. These employees should be thoroughly trained in the processes they need to take for effective, long-lasting coating.

For more information about oil rig painting, or for answers to your questions about the services we’re able to provide, reach out to the expert team at Hydro Tech Power Washing today. We look forward to assisting you soon!

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