Benefits of Parking Lot Power Washing

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If you own a building that has a parking lot, you know just how much maintenance goes into that parking lot to keep it looking great. Not only do you need to worry about potential cracks and potholes forming, but you also need to occasionally sealcoat the lot, lay down new asphalt, repaint the lines and, yes, make sure that the parking lot looks clean and attractive.

What exactly makes parking lot power washing in Vancouver, BC so beneficial? Here’s a bit of information from our team to consider as you schedule your next power washing:

  • Make a good impression: Obviously, the best way to make a great first impression with regard to the physical characteristics of your commercial property is to have an attractive storefront or façade. But beyond that, consider this: the parking lot is probably the first part of your property that your customers will actually encounter. A parking lot that is kept clean and in good condition is going to make a much better impression than a filthy, rough-looking lot. People will notice, and it will have an impact on what they think of your business right off the bat, whether it’s consciously or not.
  • Help the environment: Power washing isn’t just good for your business—it’s also good for the environment! It’s an opportunity for you to clean up oil spills, debris and loose garbage and make sure everything is clean and tidy. Plus, you’ll probably notice relatively quickly that if a parking lot is clean and pristine, people are much less likely to want to be the ones to mess it up themselves.
  • Deeper clean: Even if you have someone coming through and sweeping your parking lot or pulling weeds on a regular basis, that’s only going to be a very superficial level of cleaning. A power washing allows you to really clean the pavement, removing built-up dirt and debris and getting rid of oil spills, gum, graffiti and anything else that might not come off easily with a simple broom or even a hose. For this reason, it should be a necessary part of your cleaning and maintenance regimen.
  • Prevent pests from nesting: The more debris and dirt that fills up your parking lot, the more likely it is you’re going to have problems with various pests, such as insects and rodents. This will, again, keep your property cleaner and more sanitary.
  • Protect customers and workers: Dirty parking lots can cause damage to vehicles, or can be safety hazards to people walking through the area. This is especially true if there is, for example, a presence of any sharp objects or waste that could puncture skin, or if you have spills that could cause people to slip. Keeping the lot clean ensures a safer environment for everyone using your space.

These are just a few of the biggest benefits most commonly associated with parking lot power washing in Vancouver, BC. For more information about the various benefits of this service, we encourage you to contact Hydro Tech Power Washing. We would be happy to answer any questions you have. We look forward to working with you soon!

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