Industrial Pressure Washing Services

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From commercial to industrial businesses, industrial pressure washing services provide many practical, cost-effective, and even sanitary and health benefits. While most companies have maintenance crews and janitorial staff or personnel, there is a big difference between upkeep and deep cleaning.

There are also many clean-up jobs in commercial and industrial settings that require training, the proper equipment, or products. Here is a look at a few benefits and reasons companies call on industrial pressure washing services.

Grease Removal

Grease removal is a dirty and laborious job. It can also be more than a little time-consuming without the proper cleaning equipment. Fortunately, there are industrial pressure washing services for that.

Cleaning supplies expenses is another issue companies won’t have to deal with when contracting power washing services. Additionally, companies can potentially save the expense of the extra labor required to clean a grease spill.

Chemical Removal

When it comes to spills and clean-up jobs, few are as demanding as chemical removal clean-up. In addition to understanding the potential risks associated with many chemicals, such as corrosion, burns, or fumes, companies alleviate the risk of exposing employees to dangerous conditions when they hire an industrial pressure washing service.

Mold & Mildew Removal

The dangers of mold and mildew are no secret, and if you have ever attempted mold & mildew removal, you also understand there is no easy solution. The good news is services like professional industrial power washing have the experience, tools, and know-how to handle mold & mildew removal.

Waste Disposal

Another benefit of working with an industrial pressure washing service like Hydro Tech is waste disposal. With every mess, spill, accident, or clean-up, there is inevitably the need for waste disposal. It could be containers, cleaning materials, or other waste that needs removal following these jobs.

Professional Pressure Washing Services won’t only clean it up, but they will take it away too.

Paint Surface Preparation

So, you have your paint, your painting tools, and the plans to reface your office, building, or warehouse – but what about preparing that surface? That’s right, and especially in those industrial and commercial settings, both interior and exterior walls can get dirty. Paint surface preparation using a pressure washing service is an easy, fast, and effective solution.

Offering Professional Industrial Pressure Washing Services

Welcome to Hydro Tech, your source for all your industrial and commercial power washing needs. We also offer industrial painting and coating services, and serve those in and around the Vancouver, BC area.

From power washing industrial equipment to hotels, office buildings, shopping malls, and more, we can help. Contact us if you have any questions or to schedule your power washing service today.

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