What We Can Do For Your Facility During a Covid-19 Shutdown

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What We Can Offer You During Lockdown

Lockdowns and social distancing may be the new normal. Industrial companies are taking it in stride as much as possible, although it definitely is still a cause for concern, and leads to setbacks. Instead of waiting for your annual closing to have the equipment cleaned and maintained, take advantage of the current lockdown, and contact a professional industrial cleaning company help. Our professional staff at Hydro Tech will provide you with thorough cleaning and painting of industrial equipment. Additionally, when the time comes to ramp up for business again, your facilities and equipment will be clean and ready to go.

Industrial Equipment Cleaning

With the pause in work comes the ability to clean. Industrial equipment needs regular cleanings, which can be difficult when running full time. Without proper cleaning, components can break down, leading to higher repair or replacement costs and lost work hours. The team at Hydro Tech is able to power clean industrial equipment to keep it running smoothly.

Whether for industrial businesses working indoors in a factory setting or heavy equipment for construction, farming, or other industries in the field, high-pressure cleaning can help maintain a level of safety for employees. Power spraying can keep buildup and contaminants from affecting the workflow as well. Halting production due to contamination can cause days of delay.

Hydro Tech provides water tanks on trucks with internal heating components for heated water cleaning. The ability to reach remote work locations and provide high-pressure cleaning keeps work sites running smoothly.

Industrial Equipment Painting

Industrial equipment cleaning needs to be done periodically. Once the grime is removed, the paint will be revealed. Missing or chipped paint exposes the underlying metal to the environment, which can lead to rust and eventual breakdowns. Knowing this, having components painted by professionals can keep the machines protected from the elements.

Equipment coatings wear out. Once this happens, the underlying paint needs to be stripped and repainted to restore the protective coat. In doing this, the equipment won’t degrade as quickly, and repairs will be less common.

The team at Hydro Tech provides industrial painting and coating. Beginning with cleaning, the team will:

  • Use a sand-blasting or wet abrasive process to remove any rust, pitting, or ruts that have occurred.
  • Use power tools and pneumatic hammers to repair and reshape the components if necessary.
  • Depending on size, using an aerial lift to handle large machinery.
  • Coat with the proper coating, paint, and sealant for the type of machinery or structure.

The painting and cleaning processes are handled from start to finish by experienced professionals. When searching for industrial cleaning and coating services, make sure to choose the most qualified and experienced team around.

Industrial Equipment Painting

Industrial Pressure Washing Services

Pressure washing services can extend the life of equipment. The mobility, heat, and strength of Hydro Techs trucks make them stand out as industry leaders. Whether you need cleaning services onsite in an oil field or want the factory cleaned out while on lockdown, Hydro Tech can accommodate your needs. Effective and professional cleaners and painters will provide the exact clean that you hope for.

The pressure washing services offered include 500-gallon tank trucks, water heating capabilities, and sprayers that produce up to 4000 PSI. Your fleet of trucks, construction components, or factory will look like new when done.

Why this maintenance is Important

Maintenance is always essential, as it adds longevity to your equipment. Let’s take a more in-depth look into why power washing and coatings are so necessary for industrial components:

  • Improved efficiency – debris and buildups can slow equipment down while increasing maintenance and fuel costs.
  • Cleaner equipment – cleaner equipment makes it easier to take pride in your company.
  • Painting and coatings – clean machinery can then be recoated and painted to ensure continued protection from the elements.

Keeping power washing as part of your industrial business’ maintenance regime will lead to longer-lasting equipment. Costs will stay down on things like fuel and repair issues. Reach out to Hydro Tech today for all your industrial cleaning needs, and for any industrial painting or coatings.

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